Traction speeds the healing of disc problems and other spinal problems.

manual therapy Traction & self help videos

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manual therapy Master KInetic Taping


Muscle Tears, Taping and Laser Prolotherapy

Muscle tears are one of the most common injuries and are often misdiagnosed. This lesson will teach you how to find and treat these common and often missed problems.


Self-Help - Traction for Back and Neck Pain

Traction helps heal disc problems and can provide tremendous relief from back and neck pain. This video explains how you can treat these stubborn disc problems and show patients how to self-treat at home.


Self-Help - Basic Low Back Stretches

Self-Help exercise is a key component of effective rehabilitation. Learn what each exercise is for and how to teach it to your patients.


How to Perform in 3 Steps

1- You can perform this stretch standing or sitting. With your hands, feel for two prominent bony bumps at the back of the skull. These are the occipital points where several muscles attach. Place the base of your thumbs on these points and interlace the fingers, as shown in the middle photo.

2- Gently squeeze your hands around the base of your skull. Still squeezing, gently press and move the hands up. You can tilt the chin toward the chest at the same time as you do this small movement for more stretch, as shown in the bottom photo. This traction will help lengthen the cervical spine, as well as stretch the muscles down into the mid back area.


3- Stay in this position for 30 seconds. You can repeat 3-5 times. Then, gently release your hands from your head.