Mastering extremities helps with sports, dance, and traumatic injuries.

manual therapy Extremity videos

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manual therapy Master the Upper Extremity


The Elbow

The elbow is the bridge between the shoulder and wrist. It is can be stiff, but more often it is too lose or hypermobile. Learn how to find and fix elbows in the short, interesting video.


The Wrist

The wrist is often injured through repetitive stress activities like computer work, manual labor, and sports activities. Watch this video and learn how to assess problems in the wrist and how to fix them quickly and gently.


The Hand

Athletes, computer users, manual laborers, musciains, and others who use their hands all day, can develop hand pain. Learn how to safely help patients with hand pain..​


The Hip

Few areas are more overlooked than the hip. Many clinicians have no idea how to treat hip pain and end up sending the patient to an orthopedic surgeon. This video has some amazingly SIMPLE ways to help you find and fix hip problems..


The Knee

The knee is exposed to heavy loads and stress during daily activities. heavy work, and sports. Here you will learn how to evaluate and manage acute and chronic knee problems safely and effectively..


The Ankle

Sprained ankles are common. But, how can you fix every sprained ankle rapidly and effectively? First, understand that some ankles are too tight and some are too loose. Then, you need to fix them. Learn a simple, BIOMECHANICAL approach to fix even the worst ankle sprain....FAST.


The Foot

Foot pain can be one of the most discouraging problems for patients because each step creates more suffering. In this video you will learn how to start treating these patients and save them from painful cortisone shots and surgery.


The Shoulder

Frozen shoulders are a perplexing problem for doctors and therapists. However, we have discovered a dynamic, relatively painless way to fix frozen shoulders. We actually use the humerus as a tool to stretch the joint capsule. Tune in and learn these valuable strategies for quickly fixing frozen shoulders.


Elbow Instability

It is very popular to try to figure out what is tight or stiff. Yet, hypermobility of the elbow is a very common cause of many elbow disorders and a side effect of sport injuries. Stabilizing the elbow and strengthening the upper extremity may be the most effective solution to this common problem


Clavicle, A/C Joint

Falls and repetitive injuries cause shoulder and clavicle pain. The acromioclavicular (AC) and sternoclavicular (SC) joints are an integral part of the shoulder girdle. This video explains how to simply fix the AC and SC joints using extremely gentle procedures.



The knee is the battleground between the foot and hip. Any problems that occurs at either end of this chain can create acute or chronic knee problems. This video explains how to safely fix even the most chronic or painful knee. Fixing knee mechanics can often prevent or postpone knee surgery and rapidly reduce pain and improve function.


MASTERY ​The Wrist

Computers, smart phones, sports and work injuries, can all cause serious wrist pain. The wrist is similar to the ankle in structure and function and thus also commonly suffers from hypermobility. Watch this video to learn how to safely and effectively fix the wrist and forearm.


MASTERY ​Unstable Foot

Never forget that some problems are due to stiffness and others are due to laxity. This is especially true with the foot. The hypermobile foot and ankle are a common occurrence in daily life, but even more common in dancers and athletes. Watch this video and learn how to easily stabilize the ankle.


MASTERY Ankle Sprain

Acute and chronic sprained ankles are a very common problem. But, the solution is not limping for weeks with braces and medication. In most cases, you can gently and quickly improve the function of the ankle and foot and provide dramatic pain relief with these simple procedures. Watch the video and then try it!