Kinetic Taping

Taping improves joint and muscle stability. Traction benefits discs and other degenertive disc and joint problems.

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Introduction to KInetic Taping

Kinetic taping is a unique taping procedure that utilizes different types of tape to mimic the tissue needing support, whether it is muscles, tendons, joints, discs, and ligaments.


Taping Fingers and Toes

Sports trauma and repetitive strain injuries can cause hand and finger pain. This video shows a simple way to stabilize these injured joints and soft tissues.


Taping the Foot

The foot is constantly forced to adapt to stress from standing, walking, sports, and every day sprains and strains. This video show how you can quickly stabilize an injured foot.


Taping the Ankle

Many people suffer from multiple sprained ankles which can lead to ankle instability. These technique will help you easily stabilize the ankle to allow the ligaments to heal fully.


Taping the Knee

Sprains to the ACL, lateral collateral ligaments and meniscus are very common. Understanding taping of the knee is the first major step to fixing these chronic issues.


Taping the Middle Back

One of the most common causes of back pain is poor posture. Taping the middle back is one of the best ways to re-educate posture and help patients with chronic mid-back pain.


Taping the Neck

Herniated cervical discs, cervical stenosis, and cervical instability need taping to re-educated the neck to promote healing.


Taping the Shoulder

Rotator cuff strains, labral tears, and ligament injuries can cause shoulder instability. Learn to fix them. Fast!


Taping the Lower Back

Herniated lumbar discs and lumbar instability require taping for rapid, effective healing. Watch this video and learn this fabulous technique.