Craniosacral Therapy

Headaches, migraines, face, head and jaw injires benefit from craniosacral therapy.

manual therapy Cranial Introduction


Cranial Introduction

This video introduces the revolutionary simplicity of LiteForce cranial. By using concepts and procedures drawn from osteopathy, chiropractic, and biomechanics, LiteForce cranial sets a new standard in the understanding of how to rapidly and effectively evaluate and treat craniosacral problems. Let us know if you have questions!

manual therapy Cranial Symmetry


Cranial Symmetry

Evaluating the skull is a difficult process. That is why we developed this novel technique of palpating the skull for joint play. Checking component motion and cranial joint play, makes this an easy and effective way to bring objectivity to craniosacral therapy.

manual therapy The Frontal


The Frontal

The frontal bone is one of the strongest bones in the skull. The combination of the frontal bone, occiput and temporals make up what can be referred to as both part of the cranial base and cranial vault. However, I refer to these three bones as the foundation of the skull since it is like the foundation of a house. The parietals and the superior parts of the frontal, temporals, and occiput make up the walls and roof of the house.

manual therapy The Occiput


The Occiput

The lower parts of the occiput, frontal, and temporals create the foundation of the skull. The top parts of these bones and the parietals make up the walls and roof of the cranium.

manual therapy The temporal bones


The Temporal Bones

The temporal bones lie between the occiput and frontal bones. They harmonize the movements of the frontal bone and occiput and provide flexibility to the cranial foundation, walls and roof.