Red Light Therapy

By Curtis Turchin | April 15, 2020

Red light therapy is the common name for the use of infrared (IR) and visible red (VR) light for therapeutic purposes. At one time, it almost exclusively meant laser treatment but now it has broadened to include LED and other forms of light therapy. VR light is more absorbed in the skin than the deeper…

Laser Therapy Device for Pain Relief

By Curtis Turchin | April 15, 2020

Light and Laser therapy can be valuable for the treatment of a myriad of complaints. However the most common reason to use light therapy is for pain management. The wonderful aspect of this modality, unlike many others, is that it also stimulates healing and improves the quality and health of the tissues. Researchers conclude that…

Cold Laser Therapy Device

By Curtis Turchin | April 15, 2020

There are two general types of medical lasers, surgical and therapy. Surgical lasers are hot lasers and low power lasers are called cold lasers However, now that there has been a lot of innovation, there are also powerful, cool lasers that we can call “warm” lasers because the beam is diffuse but very powerful and…