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Dr. Curtis Turchin Founder

Dr. Curtis Turchin Founder

Dr. Turchin has a B.A. in pre-medical studies from the University of Southern California, an M.A. in Education from San Francisco State University, and a D.C. from Palmer College West. He is the developer of LiteForce Technique (LFT).

LiteForce Technique (LFT) is a gentle technique that includes deep tissue massage, mobilization, light and laser treatments, taping, pelvic floor treatment, exercise, and cranial therapy.

LFT uses the body’s own INNATE, natural movements to loosen the spine and extremities. By using this INNATE force, it precisely pinpoints the exact treatment needed.

Dr. Turchin has used gentle techniques for over 40 years and now teaches these techniques to clinicians.

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Any clinician with a license that allows soft tissue therapy (massage), joint stretching, or joint mobilization or stretching can use this technique. Our practitioners are a wide variety of clinicians. However, please make sure you check with your licensing board or malpractice insurance carrier if you have any questions. So, start learning LiteForce Technique or read below!

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Melanie Joshua, DC

Paula Tanksley, PT


Curtis Turchin is a superb diagnostician, and has wonderful skills for eliminating pain. His LiteForce techniques have helped me get better results with much less effort. The techniques work for a large spectrum of patients, from the delicate to the very resilient. Curtis is a fantastic mentor. He can easily describe what he is doing with his hands, thus making his techniques easy to learn.

Paula Tanksley


I wanted a technique that was fast, gentle, and effective. I studied with some of the greatest doctors and therapists and could not find a gentle, effective technique. So, i developed my own: LightForce Technique can work for almost any type of patient and fix them faster and more reliably than any other method. Your patients will love it. Try it!

Curtis Turchin


I was suffering from crippling hip pain and leg spasms when I first saw Dr. Turchin. I could barely stand or walk, and trditional chiropractic treatments had not helped. A year later, I can walk freely, and I have my life back. I'm very grateful to Dr. Turchin and the LiteForce method he's developed. I truly believe I would be in a wheelchair now if it hadn't been for this gentle system of treating severe pain.

​Carol Benfel